Submissions Policy

Books and eBooks

We are a concept-led illustrated publisher. We develop concepts, commission authors, illustrators and photographers to create our books. We acquire the rights to all the text we commission and either acquire or license the images.

We do not publish texts submitted for publication, and do not accept unsolicited manuscripts (manuscripts we did not request). Therefore, we assume no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts submitted to us, in any form.

Flame Tree 451. Currently we do not accept submissions for our range of fantasy and gothic books.

Calendars and Diaries

We license artworks and images from galleries, museums and private collections around the world.

Very occasionally we accept submissions from illustrators or photographers. If you’ve seen our calendars and think your work might add to our range please send an exploratory email to, with no more than five examples of your work. We only look at such submissions in May and June of each year which is when we start planning for our next round of calendars. Anything sent outside these months is unlikely to be considered.