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Order Delays US and Canada

Update September 8 2020

A message from Nick Wells, Publisher and Founder of Flame Tree

Normally we expect to receive and despatch online orders within a couple of days. It’s taken far too long to send out some website orders to our US customers, especially from the 4th July promotion.

We apologise sincerely for these delays and continue to work hard to reduce the problems causing them. In the last two weeks we've despatched over 450 orders as stock has become available.

The truth is our inventory should have been transferred from our old distributor BTPS (Baker & Taylor Publisher Services) to our new distributor Simon & Schuster by 1st July. As of now it’s over two months later and we’re still waiting for final stock to fulfil the orders. Compounded by the current problems of Covid 19 and reduced employee numbers, BTPS have been unable to move our stock on time, or answer our concerns, and this affects you, our customers and friends. 

We understand that many of you are getting frustrated, as we are.  Please know that we really are doing everything in our power to resolve this. As soon as the final books come in, we will send them out. Please use our contact form for specific queries.

Thank you for your understanding during these already challenging times.