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Vinegar may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you need to get rid of a stubborn wine stain or soothe a tickly cough, but this ancient cupboard staple is regaining its rightful place as a cheap, versatile solution to many household tasks. This invaluable book has sections on how to use vinegar in the laundry, DIY, gardening, health and beauty, pet care and of course in the kitchen. Hundreds of hints, tips, advice and recipes are provided in a clear, accessible style.

Product details
Author Maria Costantino
Contributions by Gina Steer
Paperback / softback: 20,000 words, 192 pages, 160 illustrations
ISBN: 9781847861863
Series: Complete Practical Handbook
Dimensions: 210 x 168 x 16 mm

£9.99 $15.99

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