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Grandparent's Book

Broken down into 'chapters' on your childhood years, family history, adult years and the next generation, this book provides a framework to fill with your memories, stories and photographs.

ISBN: 9781844513239
2,000 words - 50 illustrations - 48 pages - Record book
£9.99 $15.99
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Led Zeppelin Revealed

Led Zeppelin's blend of rock and heavy metal with other genres of music such as blues, soul, folk, pop, Indian and Celtic ranks them as one of the all-time greatest bands. Taking a chronological look at their career, this work takes the reader from the heady days in 1968, up to 1980 when they became household names on both sides of the Atlantic.

ISBN: 9781844517336
25,000 words - 170 illustrations - 200 pages - Hardback
£20.00 $35.00
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One Direction

One Direction: One & Only, an unofficial biography. From X-Factor to wow-factor: adored at home and provoking a Beatlemania-style reaction in the US and Canada the boys have conquered the world! Awesome pics and inspirational text chart their extraordinary rise to fame.

ISBN: 9780857755971
10,000 words - 60 illustrations - 128 pages - Hardback
£9.99 $15.99
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Poems For Grandmothers

Presents an anthology of poems that celebrate the joy and the rich experience of grandparent hood. This book includes such poems as "The Grandmother" and "In Grandmamma's Kitchen". It is suitable as a gift for grandparents, to be given by their children, grandchildren, family or friends.

ISBN: 9781847863072
30,000 words - 120 illustrations - 320 pages - Hardback
£8.99 $14.99
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The Taste of Ireland

Helps readers learn about Ireland - the fascinating emerald isle - from the rugged coastline, to ancient Celtic sites, to modern bustling cities or try your hand at one of the delicious traditional recipes, from Irish Soda Bread to Potato, Leek and Rosemary Soup.

ISBN: 9781847865229
15,000 words - 160 illustrations - 192 pages - Hardback
£15.00 $24.99
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England Undiscovered

Few small countries play host to as much variety of landscape as England, from rolling hills, cities of architectural splendour and picturesque villages, to sandy beaches and rugged coves in the south. This book features photographs and text that cover Durdle Dor, the Yorkshire Dales, Brighton Pavilion and more.

ISBN: 9781783614219
15,000 words - 170 illustrations - 256 pages - Paperback / softback
£8.99 $14.99