Top 100 Rock Bands, Acts, Artists

Everyone has their opinions on the best-ever rock bands and artists, and there will never be a consensus - but we can have a go! This great little giftbook is the ideal stimulus to lively and impassioned debate about whether Nirvana or Arctic Monkeys should take the crown - or will it always be Led Zeppelin that tops the list? And don't forget all those solo artists - who comes first out of Prince and Bruce Springsteen? With knowledgeable and absorbing text alongside iconic images for each entry, you may not reach a conclusion but you'll enjoy the musing.

Product details
Foreword by Ed Potton
General editor Michael Heatley
Paperback / softback: 35,000 words, 352 pages, 165 illustrations
ISBN: 9781847869661
Dimensions: 170 x 160 mm


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