The Illustrated Home Recording Handbook

This highly successful book from 2004 has now been brought fully up to date. If you are interested in making music on your computer, then this is for you. You can start from scratch with the basics on software, recording methods and mixing techniques, and then move on to the exhaustive reference section covering resources and technical information, with in-depth studies of software, effects and equipment. There is also advice on how to distribute and promote recordings, releasing music, organizing gigs and legal and copyright issues.

Product details
Author Roger Cawkwell, Rusty Cutchin, Adam Crute, Stephen Evans, Douglas Kraul, Orren Merton, Tim Oliver, Michael Ross, Dave Simons, Scot Solida
Foreword by Sonic Boom
General editor Ronan Macdonald
Paperback / softback: 70,000 words, 384 pages, 400 illustrations
ISBN: 9781844519224
Dimensions: 228 x 170 mm


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