The Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Opera

Beautifully illustrated and richly detailed, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Opera examines the history and development of opera, from its roots in the theatrical choral dances of Ancient Greece, through the sublime compositions of Handel and Mozart and on to the groundbreaking works of Verdi, Wagner and beyond. Organised by era, the composers and their works, along with the key librettists and singers of the period, are placed in their historical, social and cultural context through extensive introductory sections. Cross-references and theme boxes allow the reader to follow a particular area of interest throughout the book, or to explore related information. The comprehensive text is supported by hundreds of vivid illustrations, bringing to life the visual splendour and emotionally charged atmosphere of the opera house.

Product details
Foreword by Philip Langridge
General editor Stanley Sadie
Hardback: 300,000 words, 320 pages, 400 illustrations
ISBN: 9781844510269
Dimensions: 285 x 260 mm


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