The Definitive Illustrated Encyclopedia: Jazz & Blues

This is the ultimate guide to two musical styles that have fundamentally influenced popular music. Divided into eras from the Early Years to the Contemporary Era, you can learn about this music's development from its 19th-century African-American roots up to the present day. Each era has a Sounds & Sources discussion before introducing the Key Artists and AZs of lesser artists. A section on Styles is also included, covering Ragtime to Bebop and Texas Blues to Rhythm & Blues. A section on instruments, a glossary and evocative photographs complete the comprehensive experience. Whether a fan of Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday or Ray Charles this is the book for you.

Product details
Foreword by Jeff Watts
General editor Julia Rolf
Hardback: 130,000 words, 448 pages, 500 illustrations
ISBN: 9781847862730
Dimensions: 305 x 245 mm


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