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The Art of Alice in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’, and its successor ‘Through the Looking Glass’ were instant hits when first published and remain so today with many different editions available. A great part of the success is due to the ingenuity, wit and skill of successive artists who captured the heart of successive generations. The classic, Victorian and Golden Age artists are the best known, but there are many other fine examples. Inevitable Sir John Tenniel extensive art is all-pervasive, and Arthur Rackham’s fine work is known by many but other illustrators such as Gwynedd M. Hudson, Milo Winter, Mabel Lucie Attwell, W. Heath Robinson and many others have entertained parents and children alike for over 150 years.

This new book includes hundreds of illustrations and offers an insight into the work of each artist. It also focuses on the interplay between the author, the story and the illustrations which together create a unique effect on the eager reader, of every generation.

Product details

Hardback Hardcover plc (no jacket), foiled text, matt laminated. Coloured end papers: 15,000 words, 160 pages, 220 illustrations
ISBN: 9781839642517
Dimensions: 270 x 216 x 22 mm

£12.99 $18.99


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