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Tarzan of the Apes

He swings through the trees, kills beasts with his bare hands and dwells under the sky…just who is this wild man? Edgar Rice Burroughs’ impassioned tale of the noble savage begins with a boy, orphaned and alone in the wilds of Africa, who is taken into the care of the apes and raised as their own. Given the moniker ‘Tarzan’, he adapts to the freedom of jungle life, proving himself a fearsome hunter as he grows into manhood. Yet the undeniable truth that he is different turns rivalry into deadly confrontation. Rocked by the arrival of white humans in the form of a beautiful and spirited young woman and her companions, Tarzan is drawn to the strangers like him. As truths of his past are uncovered and new feelings are stirred, he finds himself drawn to two worlds and yet belonging fully in neither.
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eBook, 200 pages
ISBN: 9781781361009
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