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Music Manuscript with Musical Terms

Over 320 durable tear-out sheets with 12 staves per page, printed on both sides and sturdy backing board cover. Features a glossary of musical terms and symbols (notation, values, rests, time signatures etc.). Easy to learn and refresh your memory. Perfect for study and quick reference.

ISBN: 9781786641984
10 words - 400 pages - Sheet music - Blank staff lines for your notation
£9.99 $15.99

A Brief History of Album Covers (new edition)

In this era of Vinyl revival, celebrate some of the greatest covers of the last 70 years, such as the Beatles’ ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ or Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, alongside entertaining and informative text. This great little book will make an ideal gift for any music aficionado or art and design enthusiast.

ISBN: 9781786645555
30,000 words - 174 illustrations - 352 pages - Paperback / softback
£12.99 $19.99

A Brief History of Rock

A survey of guitar-based rock - tracing all genres, from the late 1960s blues-rock boom to '90s blues and R&B. It covers all the essential people, events and developments, giving an informative and thoughtful history, alongside key artists and tracks. It is suitable for rock fans.

ISBN: 9781787552838
30,000 words - 174 illustrations - 352 pages - Paperback / softback
£12.99 $19.99

Only the Good Die Young

With entries on the artists who famously died at 27, or in their their teens, twenties and early thirties, celebrate the lives and music. Whether you love to rock out to Kurt Cobain, swoon to Jeff Buckley or worship at the altar of Hendrix, this guide gives an absorbing account and memorable images of them all.

ISBN: 9780857753946
40,000 words - 165 illustrations - 352 pages - Paperback / softback
£9.99 $19.99
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The Definitive Guitar Handbook (2017 Updated)

Updated with new diagrams and links. A best-selling one-stop resource packed with practical advice on how to tackle the basics, such as simple chords and finger-picking, right through to more complex power chords, slurs, bends and slides. The galleries of guitars and guitarists, the chord dictionary and scales all comprehensively updated.

ISBN: 9781786645395
85,000 words - 1,000 illustrations - 352 pages - Paperback / softback
£20.00 $30.00

Ultimate Rock Riffs

With QR code video links the brilliant new book covers over 100 of the best-loved riffs, with absorbing text, iconic images and our suggestions for a Top 100 list and a Top Riffing Guitarists list. From Deep Purple’s ’Smoke On The Water’ to Muse’s ’Hysteria’, there is something for everyone.

ISBN: 9780857753953
40,000 words - 165 illustrations - 352 pages - Paperback / softback
£9.99 $19.99
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