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How To Play Electric Guitar

No band would be complete without some kick-ass electric guitar. "How to Play Electric Guitar" contains everything the new or intermediate electric player needs to perfect their playing of this vital instrument. More than a simple how-to-play guitar book, this great new addition to a best-selling series also shows you how to use effects, how to adapt to stage and rehearsal amps, how to record the electric guitar at home on your computer and how to cope with cables, feedback and dodgy microphones while playing live on stage. The clear text is accompanied by illustrative photos and diagrams, and is complemented by some how-to-play basics, selected scales and modes and useful barre and power chords.

Product details
Author Jake Jackson, Tony Skinner
By (composer) Alan Brown
Spiral bound: 5,000 words, 384 pages, 350 illustrations
ISBN: 9781847867162
Series: Easy-to-Use
Dimensions: 186 x 128 x 30 mm

£9.99 $15.99

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  Quick delivery and ring bound
By Ray - Quick delivery and ring bound books stay open at the page without any problem. Makes life much easier if your hands are occupied with your guitar.

By Sheree Osborne - I bought this book to learn how to play and it really is easy to follow and understand. I would recommend as I have had no problems in learning from this book.

  A must have for learning to play
By Mr E J Davies - This book is so simple to follow is such a real help to play the guitar. As it is spiral bound this is a bonus as it make turning the pages simple to continue with the learning process.


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