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How To Play Classic Riffs

Every developing guitarist wants to be able to produce those amazing sounds familiar to so many people - the awesome solos and guitar virtuosity that are the signature of many songs. This is the ideal songbook for them or anyone who can't get enough of those classic styles. Split into genres, such as blues, heavy metal, punk and indie, and even country and jazz, each section has an introduction reminding you of the main proponents and their styles. Then try your hand at any of the notation examples of riffs in the style of everyone from Ritchie Blackmore and Jimmy Page to Slash and Kurt Cobain. It is part of a highly successful series of handy, practical ringbound guides to playing music.

Product details
Author Jake Jackson
By (composer) Alan Brown
Electronic book text: 384 pages, 384 illustrations
ISBN: 9781786642202
Series: Easy-to-Use

Also available as Spiral bound

£5.99 $6.99

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