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Health & Sport


Takes you through the benefits of bike riding, offering all the information you need to know to start pedalling: choose your bike with the differences between types, such as hybrid and racer; how to choose your helmet, clothing and other accessories; care and maintenance, and how to keep safe on the roads.
ISBN: 9781786640840
40,000 words - 150 illustrations - 176 pages - Spiral bound - Semi-concealed spiral
£9.99 $15.99


Covers all the reasons to run, the types of running, who can take part, getting started, where to run, how to keep safe, nutrition, gadgets, good techniques and how to keep that motivation! It includes a variety of sample running plans for different age groups, levels and goals. With clear and accessible text, and tons of images.
ISBN: 9781786640857
35,000 words - 300 illustrations - 176 pages - Spiral bound - Semi-concealed spiral
£9.99 $15.99