Greek Myth

This is the latest in an inspiring series exploring the cultures, philosophies and religions of the world with bitesize information and beautiful illustrations. The fascinating characters and tales from Greek mythology have long intrigued us. From Zeus and Aphrodite to heroes such as Hercules and Achilles, learn about the Greeks' myths and beliefs in the context of their native landscape, the pantheon of deities worshipped, the core myths that fall into themes such as creation and quest, and how these coincide with other civilisations' mythology and inform our culture today.

Product details
Author Rachel Storm
Consultant editor Stephen Instone
Foreword by Shelley Instone
Paperback / softback: 20,000 words, 384 pages, 170 illustrations
ISBN: 9781844517350
Series: Endless Path
Dimensions: 170 x 160 mm


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