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Fonts and Typefaces Made Easy

Getting to grips with the fonts and typefaces is an essential path to successful design, whether your work is online, in print or just for fun. Typography subtly conveys meaning, complements or challenges, but with so many fonts and font styles to choose from it can be confusing to know where to start. This fantastic new book runs through the classes of type, with examples of individual fonts, extensive case studies, and shows you how to create the best designs, every time. Perfect for traditional and digital use.

Product details
Author Andrea Pennoyer, Sam Hampton-Smith, David Woodward, Ambar Galan
General editor Tony Seddon
Electronic book text: 256 words, 250 illustrations
ISBN: 9781786644862
Series: Made Easy (Art)

Also available as Paperback / softback

£4.99 $5.99

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