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Definitive Encyclopedias

Classical Music Encyclopedia

Fully updated, covering Western music from medieval times to the present day. Each era has an Introduction, A to Z of key composers, sections on Styles and Forms, and Instruments. Written by many of the world's leading experts in the field. Comprehensive, easy-to-use and highly informative an essential guide for readers of all levels.
ISBN: 9781783612833
200,000 words - 15 illustrations - 496 pages - Hardback - Royal. Foiled jacket.
£20.00 $35.00

Definitive Jazz & Blues Encyclopedia

Fully updated, tracing the evolution of jazz and blues from their nineteenth-century African-American origins right through to the present day. Key musical developments within each era are covered, as well as an AZ of key artists; sections on Styles and Instruments also included. Written by a team of experts. Comprehensive and easy to use.
ISBN: 9781787552791
180,000 words - 400 illustrations - 384 pages - Hardback - Royal. Foiled jacket.
£20.00 $30.00

Definitive Opera Encyclopedia

Updated, expanded and richly detailed this new, text version of The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Opera examines the history and development of opera, from its roots in the theatrical choral dances of Ancient Greece, through the sublime compositions of Handel and Mozart and on to the groundbreaking works of Verdi, Wagner and beyond.
ISBN: 9781783619900
180,000 words - 400 illustrations - 384 pages - Hardback - Royal. Foiled jacket.
£20.00 $30.00