Perhaps because they are so distant from most of our realities, true crime events hold a morbid fascination - the more lurid and unusual, the better. Here, the irresistibly intriguing subject of crime is explored, with murder, misdeeds and criminals from throughout history, fascinating insights into motivations and discussion of the forensic and investigative techniques used to track and convict the perpetrators. With entries ranging from Vlad the Impaler to the Kray Twins and from Jack the Ripper to Bonnie & Clyde, this book has something to interest everyone!

Product details
Author Jon Sutherland, Diane Sutherland
Introduction by Barry Pritchard
Paperback / softback: 50,000 words, 256 pages, 130 illustrations
ISBN: 9781847869654
Dimensions: 210 x 170 mm


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