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Create and Maintain Your Own Smallholding

Learn how to set up your own smallholding, grow your own fruit and vegetables, rear chickens, pigs, lambs and other livestock, and manage their pasture, to help you create a sustainable, organic lifestyle. This excellent new guide brings the heart of the land to your table, with advice on how and where to buy, how to maintain it and how to take things further, whether it is acquiring more land, adding value to your produce or expanding into horses and donkeys. Packed with tips and hints on how to prepare for the whole year, season by season. With case studies and examples throughout. A companion title to Keeping Chickens and Keeping Bees.

Product details
Author Liz Wright
Foreword by Rosemary Champion
Paperback / softback: 50,000 words, 256 pages, 150 illustrations
ISBN: 9781786647726
Series: Digging and Planting
Dimensions: 160 x 170 x 17 mm

£9.99 $15.99

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