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Mediterranean Cooking

Focuses on beautiful climes and their national cuisines. This title deals with the Mediterranean, the sea bordered by a wide variety of countries from Europe, Asia and Africa, all blessed with a climate conducive to the most mouthwatering of cuisines. It discusses each country in terms of its cuisine, history, culture, landscape and climate.
ISBN: 9781847865137
15,000 words - 300 illustrations - 204 pages - Hardback
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The Complete Step-By-Step Family Cookbook

We often stick to the same old recipes and rarely try anything new, often for fear of fussy children. This title includes 365 recipes that are broken down into soups, starters, fish, meat, poultry, vegetables, desserts, and baking.
ISBN: 9781847865502
100,000 words - 900 illustrations - 352 pages - Hardback
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