Chords for Kids (Pick Up and Play)

Chords for Kids is a handy resource for children and early
learners of guitar and keyboard. Chords are one of the most important
ways that children can learn about music. They provide a fast route into
playing with others and encourage a feeling for structure and
composition. The simple and clean layout provides chord diagrams on each
spread, for both guitar and keyboard, allowing a parent or teacher to
explain easily. Using a simple tab-per-key approach, it covers all of
the basic chords in each key, including majors, minors, triads, fourths,
sixths, sevenths and ninths. Some variations are included at the back
for further exploration. With notation and TAB.

Product details
Author Jake Jackson
Spiral bound Semi-concealed binding. Easy to lie flat.: 9,000 words, 176 pages, 240 illustrations
ISBN: 9781786648013
Series: Pick Up & Play
Dimensions: 233 x 162 x 23 mm

Also available as Spiral bound

Was £9.99 - Now £8.99 $15.99

   Pre-order from 1 Jul 2018

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