Baking for Beginners

Do you want to have a bash at biscuits, bake your own bread or attempt a Victoria sponge, but don't know the difference between whisking and folding? This great new cookbook takes you through all the basics of baking, including essential ingredients and equipment, key recipes for pastry, cakes, icings and meringues, and explains culinary terms. With lots of brand new recipes, the book ranges from extra-simple to slightly more advanced, and includes cakes, cupcakes and muffins, biscuits and cookies, pies and puddings, breads and scones and some savoury pies and pastry from Lemon Drizzle Cake to Smoked Haddock Tart.

Product details
General editor Ann Nicol
Paperback / softback: 45,000 words, 352 pages, 650 illustrations
ISBN: 9781847869395
Series: Quick & Easy, Proven Recipes
Dimensions: 170 x 160 mm


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