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A Book of Prayers

This title provides prayers of thanks and praise, prayers for healing, for forgiveness, for peace and for guidance and strength. Beautifully illustrated with traditional, evocative paintings.
ISBN: 9781847867087
20,000 words - 120 illustrations - 320 pages - Hardback
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Ancient Egypt Jigsaw Book

Four fantastic jigsaws to complete, alongside information all about ancient Egypt.
ISBN: 9781844517244
4 illustrations - 12 pages - Novelty book
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Angels & Fairies

A reference book that takes a look at some of the art that has been produced as a result of a fascination with the mysterious beings such as angels and fairies.
ISBN: 9781844512645
Series: The World's Greatest Art
30,000 words - 174 illustrations - 384 pages - Paperback / softback

Beautiful Gardens

The gardens of England, Scotland and Wales are probably the most beautiful in the world. This wonderful book provides a stunning showcase for a number of the gardens which can be visited throughout the year.
ISBN: 9781844513284
15,000 words - 150 illustrations - 200 pages - Hardback
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World Art

Offers an introduction to art and its appreciation, with over 350 colour illustrations of works by important artists from all over the world. This book reveals the development of art over the centuries. It is supplemented with sections on Art Movements and Painting Techniques, and is suitable for art enthusiasts of any level of knowledge.
ISBN: 9781844515646
Series: Definitive
130,000 words - 400 illustrations - 448 pages - Hardback