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Crops in Pots

Like the idea of growing your own fruit, veg and herbs but don't have the room or energy? This title discusses how to get started and choose your pots, how to grow and harvest - including the appropriate crops for small spaces, how to deal with problems and lots of tips on how to be successful on a shoestring.
ISBN: 9781783611324
Series: Digging and Planting
50,000 words - 150 illustrations - 256 pages - Paperback / softback

Dragon Art

A survey of contemporary fantasy artwork, specifically of dragons - that popular of fantasy creatures. It features a 'Masters of Dragon Art' section that includes such favourites as Don Maitz and Bob Eggleton. It includes a discussion of dragons and fantasy art, alongside a selection of the best work out there at the moment.
ISBN: 9781847863003
Series: Inspirations & Techniques
30,000 words - 170 illustrations - 200 pages - Hardback
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Perhaps no individual is more associated with the 20th century art deco revival than artist and designer, Erté. Although his talent spanned many fields, Erté is perhaps best-known for his fashion, jewellery and interior designs. Combining fresh and thoughtful text and beautiful illustrations, this coffee-table book is the definitive Erté companion.
ISBN: 9781783612161
Series: Masterworks
35,000 words - 170 illustrations - 192 pages - Hardback


Queen is an unofficial, intriguing review of one of the world's most successful rock bands of all time. Covering all the major events in their long career this great new book is accompanied by revealing and evocative images of the band.
ISBN: 9781783613069
Series: Pop, Rock & Entertainment
10,000 words - 60 illustrations - 128 pages - Hardback


In Vegetarian, whether you try a classic Roasted Vegetable Pie or moorish Aubergine & Ravioli Parmigiana, you can rest assured that there is a recipe to suit every taste and occasion. From starters and everyday meals to special occasions, you will be clearly guided with easy-to-follow methods.
ISBN: 9781783619436
Series: Quick and Easy, Proven Recipes
35,000 words - 180 illustrations - 256 pages - Paperback / softback