Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne: Takin’ the Rap, an unofficial biography by Morwenna Ferrier, is one of an exciting series of lush books celebrating some of the most popular and influential celebrities – stars who are constantly talked about and whose every new release, life event or opinion is awaited with baited breath by legions of fans. In the Top Ten on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, with millions of followers, Lil Wayne holds sway over a huge online community. Indeed, Weezy is the king of underground promo, using the web and mixtapes to lure in his massive fanbase without losing any of his hard-earned street cred. Having got himself noticed at the age of nine, he has worked the scene relentlessly, collaborating with Chris Brown, Wyclef Jean, Jay-Z and Kanye West to name but a few. Drugs and weapon possession have led to brushes with the law and jail time, but the music’s kept on comin’. All those lovin’ the Best Rapper Alive need to buy "Lil Wayne: Takin’ the Rap" – the ultimate celebration of the the grit and determination of one man, with inspirational words and photographs.

Product details
Author Morwenna Ferrier
Foreword by Priya Elan
Hardback: 10,000 words, 128 pages, 60 illustrations
ISBN: 9780857752796
Dimensions: 231 x 203 x 16 mm


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