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Best-Kept Secrets of The Greek Islands

Covering six of Greece's island groups - starting in the west with the Ionian islands, moving east to the Argo-Saronics, continuing to the Cyclades, Crete and the Dodecanese, circling up to the North Aegean islands and back round to the Sporades and Evia - this book highlights some of the beautiful landscapes and villages of the Mediterranean.
ISBN: 9781847866486
18,000 words - 160 illustrations - 192 pages - Hardback
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The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

In Robert Louis Stevenson’s suspense-filled masterpiece of horror, a repulsive, shameless creature stalks the streets and he’s getting harder to control. The charming Dr Jekyll couldn’t be more different to the violent and depraved Mr Hyde – until, that is, he takes a potion of his own concoction which allows him to embrace his darker side.
ISBN: 9781783612413 - Series: Fantastic Fiction
3 illustrations - 224 pages - Paperback / softback


The launch of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight books and the blockbuster movies brought a storm of interest in the gothic to the willing minds of an entire generation of young adults. The lure of the forbidden, romantic imagination is boldy brought to life in this beautiful new book.
ISBN: 9780857759924 - Series: Gothic Dreams
10,000 words - 60 illustrations - 128 pages - Hardback
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